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Alpha Tau Omega at the University of Cincinnati.  Founded in 1922 ATO, is a leader on and off campus through our dedication to the pillars of Brotherhood, Leadership and Service.




Think back to the last time you sat in a classroom and the person you sat next to. You may know their first name, but do you know their interests, what they hold high regard for, the parts of them that truly make them an individual?  At ATO, we hold highly the idea of knowing more about a person than just their first name. We foster deep bonds as brothers through joined experiences and interpersonal connections that do not happen in every day interaction. With this, we build a strong sense of family that eternally bonds all of our brothers.


As the National Leadership Fraternity, we continually promote leadership opportunities within the fraternity and on campus.  We firmly believe in starting young with our members, getting them involved internally and externally in order for to grow as men and as leaders.  As a result we see incredible growth from our members and have members in over 35 different campus organizations and hold leadership positions in over half of those organizations.


Serving the Cincinnati community is a large part of what we do here at Alpha Tau Omega.  We believe that it is important to provide support to those in need in order to enable them to enrich their lives in ways they did not think possible.  As active members of the service community at University of Cincinnati, Alpha Tau Omega members served over 5,000 hours of their time and raised over $20,000 in the 2014-2015 year.  As we continue our involvement with Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati, Cincinnati Dance Marathon and University of Cincinnati, the brothers of Alpha Tau Omega will always be there to support those who need it most.

social experience

The social experience of being in a Fraternity is unparalleled in college life.  From tailgates, to brotherhood retreats, to out of state Formal Dances in places like St. Louis, Chicago and the Outer Banks, Alpha Tau Omega provides its members the opportunities to lead an active social life to build friendships that will stand the test of time.


Alpha Tau Omega supports all of its members in their academic adventures.  As the primary reason for attending college is to receive an education that prepares you for the workforce, ATO provides resources, networking and support to members.  In addition, we provides scholarships to high achieving members and incoming freshman as recognition of their efforts.

ATHLETICS and spirit

Whether it be on a University level, an Intramural level, or even a “pick-up” level, ATOs have been known for their athletic endeavors of any kind. Last year, our Intramural Football Team won the championship, our Intramural Soccer Team made it to the finals, and our Intramural Basketball Team advanced to the quarter finals. This doesn’t mean you have to be athletic to join ATO. Our sports teams lack success without the support of our brothers not competing. It is not uncommon to have fifty to sixty brothers show up to an Intramural Flag Football game. Year in and year out, we also make it a priority to support our University athletes too. You can find brothers at almost any sport, cheering on our Bearcats.

personal growth

When you graduate do you want to be able to look back and see the progress and improvement you made from your freshman year? ATO is here to help you do just that. As a new member, we truly put everything at your disposal to better yourself as a student, as a man, and as a human. When you pledge yourself to ATO, each brother pledges themselves to you. We are never alone on the journey of improvement. We are always working toward a brighter future and the elevation of man.

Higher Standard

One of the most important parts of being ATO is knowing that you are representing something larger than yourself. Here at ATO we hold our brothers to a higher standard. We challenge each other to be the best person they can be each day and to know that win, lose, or draw, your brothers will always be there to support you.