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Alpha Tau Omega at the University of Cincinnati.  Founded in 1922 ATO, is a leader on and off campus through our dedication to the pillars of Brotherhood, Leadership and Service.


UC Greek Life

greek life at university of cincinnati

Starting in 1840 with the founding of Beta Theta Pi, Cincinnati Greek Life has been strong and full of leaders.  Greeks at University of Cincinnati have the pleasure of enjoying one of the most supportive administrations in the United States.  With President Santa Ono being an ATO, Greeks have the support from every aspect of University of Cincinnati.  This has provided Greeks on campus the opportunity to succeed and thrive.  Greek Chapters at University of Cincinnati are some of the best chapters of their organizations nationally, creating a competitive, yet supportive environment.  At the moment, 85% of leaders in student organizations are Greek.  By going Greek at University of Cincinnati, you have the opportunity to tap into these connections and truly become part of something bigger.

Leadership Development Opportunities in the Greek Community

As a part of the support University of Cincinnati provides to its Greeks, there are annual leadership conferences that Greeks have the opportunity to attend.  The following are all of the different options available to members of the Greek Community at University of Cincinnati.

New and Rising Leadership Conference

In October of every year, once the fall new member classes are set for each fraternity and sorority, University of Cincinnati hosts the New and Rising Leaders conference.  At the conference, new members are introduced to all the different honoraries on University of Cincinnati's campus, the core values of leadership and the essence of what makes us all Greek.  This opportunity is open and strongly encouraged for every new member of the Greek Community.

Executive Leadership Conference

Every year in January, University of Cincinnati puts on the Executive Leadership Conference.  This conference is in Tangeman Center Great Hall and is a deeper dive into the leadership and organizational skills required to lead an organization to success.  Every chapter's executive board attends this event and is a great way for men and women of all chapters to come together and learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses.

AFLV Central

AFLV Central is the largest leadership development conference in the United States.  Hosted the last week of January every year in Indianapolis, AFLV Central provides 800+ attendees from across the country the opportunity to engage in a personalized leadership development course.  As attendees cycle through each time slot, there are upwards of 10 different choices of seminars to go to and learn about exactly what each person wants to learn about.  This is an extremely rewarding experience and University of Cincinnati funds 6 men from Greek Life to attend this conference.



UIFI is a week long organizational leadership run by the National Inter-Fraternity Council.  This experience provides the 80 accepted attendees with the experience of a life time.  Tasked with constructing their own fraternity/sorority and experience the trials that every fraternity/sorority must cope with is an invaluable experience.  This is hosted during the summer at University of Indiana and the week that you attend is self-determined.  University of Cincinnati sends 4 men from the Greek Community to this experience every year.

Service Opportunities in the Greek Community

Every Greek chapter at University of Cincinnati makes it their mission to give back to the community.  This can take the form of small events or week long service events to bring attention to a specific issue.  In conjunction with this mission, Alpha Tau Omega has its Activity day to support the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati.  The Greek Community as a whole has one event every fall called Community Plunge.  One day a year, the entire Greek Community gets together to make a real difference in the Cincinnati community.  Orchestrated by the Inter-Fraternity Council and Panhellenic, fraternity and sorority governments respectively, Greeks venture to 20+ different service sites and strive to improve the quality of life for people in the community.

Academics in the Greek Community

Greek chapters at University of Cincinnati take academics very seriously.  Through a variety of academic programs, Greeks all share the same message, mediocrity is intolerable and excellence is expected.  Last year, University of Cincinnati was awarded top honors for academics at AFLV Central which is an incredible honor.  That means that the Greek Community at University of Cincinnati has the best combined GPA and academic support systems in the country.