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Alpha Tau Omega at the University of Cincinnati.  Founded in 1922 ATO, is a leader on and off campus through our dedication to the pillars of Brotherhood, Leadership and Service.


Activity Day

University of Cincinnati Alpha Tau Omega Activity Day recap Thank You: The Boys and Girls Club of Cincinnati Messer Construction Queen City Transportation

Alpha Tau Omega's annual service event is Alpha Tau Omega Activity Day.  In September, 100+ kids from Boys and Girls Club of Avondale are welcomed to University of Cincinnati campus where they are assigned into teams and provided a nutritious meal.  After all food has been consumed, the games begin!  Teams rotate between 15+ stations to play a myriad of games including a bouncy house, relay races and touch football.

The main goal of the event is to help an organization that does nothing but help others.  As a non-profit, Boys and Girls Club lacks the funds to provide their kids with new and exciting experiences outside of the Club.  Activity Day provides the Club and the kids the opportunity to experience something new and exciting while also being able to see a college campus.

The men of Alpha Tau Omega truly love this event and everything it does for the community and we strive to improve it every year.  Through steady improvement of child capacity, community involvement and improved fundraising, Alpha Tau Omega can continue to improve our contribution to the members of our community that need it most. 


2018 Activity Day Location and Time:

Wednesday, October 24th 5:00-8:00 p.m.

Campus Green on Sigma Sigma Commons

Thank you to all who participated & donated! We are still accepting donations until november!

       We pride ourselves on making this day a community effort, if you'd like to donate click the button below.

Please contact Philanthropy Chair Sahil Patel for any questions or concerns.