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Alpha Tau Omega at the University of Cincinnati.  Founded in 1922 ATO, is a leader on and off campus through our dedication to the pillars of Brotherhood, Leadership and Service.



national leadership fraternity

The mantra of the national Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity is "America's Leadership Development Fraternity".  At University of Cincinnati, Alpha Tau Omega ensures to abide by this mantra by encouraging every member to get involved on campus and seek leadership positions in those campus organizations.  Alpha Tau Omega has men in leadership positions in Student Government, University Funding Board, Student Safety Board, Center for First-Year Experience, Roar Tour Guides, Phi Rho Chi Men's Honorary, Sigma Sigma Men's Honorary, Mortar Board, Rally Cats and several Club Sports.

Leadership Opportunities at Alpha Tau Omega

Leadership at Alpha Tau Omega is far more than just a title, its starts from within.  Having the drive to achieve on a daily basis is commonality among all ATOs and is what we instill in new members.  For new members there are a myriad of side table positions to start out, learn the ropes of leadership and prove your capabilities to the chapter as a whole.  Once a member gets older, they can run for one of our 11 executive positions from President to Philanthropy Chairman.  All of these positions provide invaluable experience to the men holding them.  Leadership teaches the concepts of hard work, responsibility, task management, and people management.  All of these skills apply directly to the professional workplace and companies love to see this kind of involvement on resumes.

leadership development

Not all the skills needed for leadership are learned on the job, there are leadership concepts and theories that are best learned at conferences or week long excursions.  At Alpha Tau Omega, we understand that key difference and motivate our members to get involved in these national leadership experiences.


Altitude is a multi-day hike through the Rocky Mountains led by the national Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.  The program connects men of ATO from all across the country while teaching them the values of leadership, teamwork and mental/physical toughness.


Top talent of ATO from across the country head to LeaderShape every summer to enter a week long, hands-on leadership crash course.  Men that are invited to this experience learn a wide range of leadership concepts that are highly applicable to whatever life may throw at you.

Emerging leadership conference

The Emerging Leadership Conference occurs in late January of every year in Indianapolis and is run by the national fraternity.  The conference teaches young men of chapters from across the country the basics of chapter operations as well as introduce what your individual chapter needs to improve on.  University of Cincinnati sends five men every year to this experience and is a catalyst for young members to succeed at an early stage of their college career.