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Alpha Tau Omega at the University of Cincinnati.  Founded in 1922 ATO, is a leader on and off campus through our dedication to the pillars of Brotherhood, Leadership and Service.


Delta Lambda

early history

In 1911, a group of three men had the determination to found their own Greek chapter here on University of Cincinnati's campus.  Their leader was Fred Buerger and his second and third in command were C.M. Harrington and Stanley Wachs.

The "Bumming Room" in McMicken was the location of the organization's first meeting, which at the time went by name Sigma Delta Phi.  There were seven members in attendance for that meeting.

With small beginnings, a greater organization came to be.  Under the new name of Alpha Nu Sigma, the organization was officially founded on January 12th, 1911.  The men of Alpha Nu Sigma moved into our first chapter house, the Lyric Building in the Business District of Cincinnati.  In 1922, the organization officially attained a charter from Alpha Tau Omega, accepting us into the national organization and coined us the Ohio Delta Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity.  The first President of the Delta Lambda Chapter was Kelly Y. Siddall, namesake for Siddall Residence Hall on University of Cincinnati's campus.

Moving Days

With the start of the First World War, Delta Lambda was forced to move out of their first chapter house, relocating to the Wilborg Mansion.  The house had many elements that made it a house of ATO and made it near and dear to the men that lived there, but like every organization that grows, there was a need for a change in the 1960's.

For the 1964 University of Cincinnati Homecoming Parade. the men of Delta Lambda packed up every they owned into a moving truck and used that moving truck as our entry into the parade, and moved into our current residence at 319 Probasco.

Where we are now

It is an exciting time to be an ATO at University of Cincinnati.  Currently experiencing the greatest period of growth in all facets of the fraternity experience in history.  Delta Lambda is a 125 man organization with strong involvement on campus and in the community.  Delta Lambda has several men in Student Government, ROAR Tour Guides, Student Orientation Leaders, Student Safety Board, University Funding Board, Inter-Fraternity Executive and numerous University honoraries, and that is only the tip of our involvement.  The chapter is also experiencing and explosion in social service hours and philanthropy dollars raised over the past year and a half.  In that time frame, Delta Lambda's numbers for both have quadrupled in size, a direct reflection of Delta Lambda's focus on our core values.  There is no stopping the momentum of Delta Lambda as all signs are pointing towards a Tau Takeover at University of Cincinnati.