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Alpha Tau Omega at the University of Cincinnati.  Founded in 1922 ATO, is a leader on and off campus through our dedication to the pillars of Brotherhood, Leadership and Service.



Academic success

Everyone at University of Cincinnati came here for one reason, to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to experience success after graduation.  The men of Alpha Tau Omega have this mantra at the forefront of their minds; helping one another whenever possible so every member can be the best they can be.  As of Fall 2016, the chapter GPA was 3.159, 0.129 above the All Men's Average at University of Cincinnati.

Academic Support

As mentioned above, the men of Alpha Tau Omega always have someone to go to when it comes to academic assistance.  Older members of the chapter are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to classwork, professional preparation and what classes to take when.  Besides just our older members, Alpha Tau Omega has an Academic Chairman whose sole responsibility is the improvement of everyone's academic standing.  Let this be through study tables or reward based programs, he is there for every member whenever they have questions about coursework and connect them with resources outside of the chapter itself.

Academic Programming

At Alpha Tau Omega, we believe the best way to promote academic success is through rewards for high achieving members, group study sessions and a competitive Academic Fantasy League for all members.

Every month, the Academic Chairman collects all of the A's brothers earn on large scale examinations and stores them in the form of a ticket until the end of each month.  At the end of the month, the Academic Chairman selects one of these tickets, the name on that ticket is the Academic Tau of the Month.  This high achieving member receives a $20 gift card to wherever he chooses.  This program has seen great success in promoting continued success and the consistent rewards pushes brothers to improve in order to improve their chances at Academic Tau of the Month for the next month.

Each week, the Academic Chairman hosts 2 study sessions in Langsam Library.  Alpha Tau Omega has our own space in the library and study sessions are a time for brothers of all ages and majors to come together a provide one another much needed support.  Our study sessions have reaped great rewards for our members, brothers always come our of the study sessions with a better understanding of their material than what they had coming in.

At the beginning of each semester, Alpha Tau Omega has an Academic Fantasy Draft where each front table member live drafts the entire chapter into their respective teams.  Once these teams are selected, members of each team can bond together and provide one another support.  The team with the highest average GPA at the end of the semester is provided with a steak dinner.  The Academic Fantasy Draft breeds competition between teams and motivates all members to be at their very best.